People Building Bridges

The Peace Lab will give you the opportunity to be exposed to various cultures and people by daily interaction in a space that allows for open discussion and contacts. The relationship that result help to build bridges of understanding and communicating along with providing a route to learning peaceful co-existence with cultures different from your own. We are happy to help you design a unique program on the land to match your group’s vision.

In the past we have helped solidarity groups to organise study seminars, church groups to design worship experience and activist groups to hold lectures.

Our activities are designed to teach various life lessons including; peaceful ways to relieve frustrations and feelings, working together for meaningful outcomes; and the importance of faith family and friendship along with peace, love and community.

Our broadcasts are designed to prepare youths and adults for a pro-active contribution to their futre by bring values of understanding and tolerance into their life experience. These program helps to demonstrate to it’s participants that through an appreciation and acceptance of other cultures, lasting positive relationships can be built.