National Award For Self-Achievment: B’ĦILTI WASALT.

There is unfortunately a growing number of people and families who are increasingly being faced by risks of poverty, and whose quality of life is fast deteriorating. A growing number of households have an equalised disposable income below the risk-of-poverty threshold. A number of social and economic factors are leading to such a situation. These include an erosion of our traditional values for caring, and social solidarity, increased consumerism, and the generally ‘cut-throat’ approach and mode of life of a number of middle and upper class people.  There is therefore a growing awareness that this situation can and should be addressed by all sectors of society. While various initiatives may be addressed to help solve this national issue, ideally these would be based on fostering social solidarity, giving empowerment to such people, and offering specialized services to help them help themselves.

HiltiThis National Award is aimed at identifying and acknowledging outstanding efforts made by individuals who were within the poverty-risk sector, and who through their own initiatives and mainly self-help, managed to ‘make it’, economically. Moreover, such individuals should be able to show that in improving their economic status, they were empowering other people, and showing evidence of social solidarity with their fellows.

Such a National Award would project to the general public the idea that many of the people living in poverty are not necessarily ‘laid-back and lazy’ who are only interested in getting a ‘free lunch’.  Furthermore, this award would be a national celebration of the necessary spirit of enterprise and self-help, coupled with solidarity with one’s fellows, rather than with an egoistic approach towards advancement in life.

This award is organised under the patronage of the President of the Republic and with the assistance of APS Bank.