About Us

peace-lab-premisesWelcome to the Peace Lab Malta webpage. The Peace Lab is certainly a well known voluntary organisation which has remained active for well over 30 years. It runs an extensive adult education programme through various radio programmes and newspapers. Though over the years, thousands of people have visited this blissful and and unassuming place, the Peace Lab has now decided to introduce its headquarters to the millions of people who surf on the internet.

The Peace Lab has its headquarters located at Hal Far, Malta. This site was originally part of the HalFar airfield which saw intensive air combats during World War 2. It contains a sanctuary as well as a number of associated building and is surrounded by extensive gardens.

The change from a War station to a Peace Centre was the result of direct political action. Nonetheless the JOHN XXIII Peace Laboratory of Malta is a living practical example of the role that a non-governmental, voluntary organization can play in shaping the conscience and opinion of the majority. It incorporates a group of people who have a similar philosophy of life.

dionysius-mintoffThey recognize a responsibility to those less fortunate than themselves – a concern for others which is put into practice both as individuals and as an organization. They try to be concerned for peace and just ice in Malta and throughout the world, wherever they feel they have a useful contribution to make. In planning its activities the Peace Laboratory draws heavily on experience gained in its programs and on growing experience with its numerous partner institutions.

The founder of the Peace Lab, Fr.Dionysius Mintoff, a franciscan friar, believed deeply in the need for an open and unrestricted meeting-place, where people of all backgrounds and attitudes could mix together.

In 1971 he led a group that decided to do educational and practical work for justice and human rights. They embarked on an experiment in fostering solidarity and moral values based on Christian beliefs, though not excluding any other idea or any other person. The Peace Laboratory was born.