Seek What Unites Us – Infittxu dak li Jghaqqadna

Produced and presented by Manny Scicluna this radio programme is broadcast every Sunday at 7.30 a.m. on Radio Malta (93.7 MHz).

During this broadcast the presenter, gives the latest information about peace education, disarmament, countries which are facing problems such as armed conflicts, hunger, disease and other problems relating to the development of that particular country. Time and again he invites people, mainly priests and members of religious orders, who, since they have chosen to fulfil their mission of service to the people in need, have decided to go and live in these countries. Whenever they come back to Malta for a brief holiday, the presenter invites them to share with the numerous listeners their first hand experiences.

At the moment the presenter is giving information about the Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, not only about their lives and achievement but also about the circumstances which prompted the Norwegian Awarding Committee to grant them this prestigious honour.